What I offer


What is the mediator's role?
The mediator’s role is to facilitate the conversation as an independent and impartial third party. We help those in conflict to think about the impact the conflict is having on them and others, what they need to address to move forward and how to find a mutually acceptable agreement.
What is the key to a successful mediation?
The key to all successful conflict resolution is addressing the issues as soon as possible, before they become too well established. Mediation and conflict coaching at the right time can prevent businesses or individuals having to resort to using expensive and time-consuming legal routes. Mediation can be organised quickly and efficiently, and has a high success rate.
What is mediation?
A mediation is a confidential process whereby two (or more) parties come together, with a mediator present, to try and reach an agreement or find a solution to their problems.
What is conflict coaching?
Conflict coaching is a one-to-one session with an individual who is experiencing conflict with another person or people.

Conflict Coaching

What is the coach's role?
The coach supports the individual to clarify what their goal is, look closely at the current situation and their behaviour, and then help them to devise strategies to productively resolve the conflict.
Benefits of conflict coaching
A session with a conflict coach allows a person to think about their situation differently and find ways to effectively manage their interpersonal disputes. As a future-oriented process, it focuses on a individual's specific conflict management goals. It also brings the added benefits of focus, self-awareness and resilience.

How I work

  • Please contact me for a free confidential initial chat about your circumstances.

  • After this initial discussion, if you feel you would like to use my services I will confirm the fees and the terms of my contract.

  • I have flexibility within my charging structures so don’t hesitate to contact me about costs.

  • I can offer online and in person sessions.

  • I can provide support hourly or by the half or full day.


“Joanna had a most pleasant manner, both open and attentive; yet discreet and thoughtful. She asked pertinent questions, listened carefully and made perceptive and useful comments which were sensitively made. Easy to relate to, clear, organised and kind: a good human being. Ideal! I am grateful to her for her help".
LM (Conflict Coaching client)